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How It Works

How To Sell

To Place an Ad
on our marketplace in Less than 3 minutes:

To place an add is very easy and quick. Click "Place Ad" or "Start Selling" on the main menu bar and follow the steps.

Step 1. Choose your category
Step 2. Choose your Plan
Step 3. Ad details, price, title etc
Step 4. Upload your pictures
Step 5. Your ad is complete and instantly live on the site. You will receive an email with your login details for future ad listings and to edit your current ads.

Additional Options - "How to Get Paid Online"

After you have listed your first ad, you can use our "Get Paid Online Feature" if you have a Paypal account. This allows you to use our "add to cart" button on your ad. This means any buyer can instantly buy your item striaght off our website and you get paid directly to your Paypal account. All you have left to do it post the item.

Step 6. Log in
Step 7. Click on the grey "My Profile" icon on the top left of the website and choose "My Profile" from the drop down menu
Step 8. Click on the "Shopping Cart Settings" tab
Step 9. Click "yes" enable Paypal and then enter your Paypal ID email in the box provided
Step 10. Choose your shipping methods that you will offer, you can enter your shipping costs when placing or editing your ad
Step 11. Click save and now your ready to sell and get paid online

Next time you place an Ad you will have two options when you get to Step 3. You can choose between a "Get paid Online" ad or a "Standard Classified" ad. Choose the tab you want and away you go. You will also be able to edit existing Ads at anytime and change Ads from "Get Paid Online" to "Standard Classifieds" and vice versa.

How To Buy

There are two ways to buy on Pricerr.ie, You can contact any seller either by phone, public message or private message and arrange to meet, pay and collect your item.

Or if you see a listing with an "Add to Cart" button this means you can buy the item directly on the Pricerr website. Your payment goes directly to the seller and the seller can then post you the item or arrange to meet or collect depending on what was agreed. This method of buying and selling is connecting buyers and sellers from all over Ireland like never before.

Happy Buying & Selling,
Pricerr Team.

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