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Why use Pricerr?

Theres a number of different reasons why you should use Pricerr to sell or buy your next item. Pricerr is free to sell anything and get paid online, without having to pay any commission or fee's. It takes about 2 minutes to list an advert. When the advert is "live" it goes in front of potential buyers in Ireland and the rest of the world as you get to choose if you want to ship your goods locally or worldwide.

We dont dictate anything to anyone, meaning you can sell what you like when you like (once its legal) . We dont bombard you with rules and ideologies we just want the platform to be as honest as it can be so we rely on users to make this happen so please make sure your account and listings are as accurate as possible.

We allow users to be able to contact each other freely. This is a new, open platform for a social user experience in selling in Ireland and beyond. This is the only Classifieds Website where users can interact with each other and have the choice of meeting in person to fulfill a deal, or simply pay for an item online. The payment, including shipping goes direct to the seller and we dont get anything in return. We want Pricerr to grow into a social selling platform with the freedom users deserve on the worldwide web. After all the web was created as an information superhighway and not an all for profit organisation it has become today. So get selling on a new, revolutionary platform which has its roots firmly in freedom of expression and ability to socially connect with people.

Dont forget we are a Classifieds Buy and Sell website and a Marketplace. This means we allow users to list a simple product, you can enter your phone number and email address and interact with users OR as a Marketplace we allow users to Get Paid Online. This means you can list an ad, put a shipping cost in and deliver it to the buyer. The Seller needs a PayPal account for this feature, the Buyer does not need a PayPal account. They can pay with their credit card through PayPal without needing to register with PayPal first, or when buying you can click register with PayPal while paying for the item. The marketplace feature still allows the potential buyer to contact the seller by Phone.

Main Points:

Easy to Register
2 Minutes to list an ad
User Friendly Website
Support Staff on-hand
Choose whether you want a Standard Classifieds ad or to Get Paid Online
Have your very own shop page eg; http://www.pricerr.ie/SHOPNAME , This is the user name you use when placing your ad
List your Phone number in your Advert
Comment on an ad publicly
Log in with Facebook
Edit your ad whenever you wish
Put Quantities in your listing
No Silly Rules
List as many items you want

This is not an exhaustive list but gives you an idea of what we are all about. The next thing is to give it a try and list an item.

Click here for more info on how it works

The Pricerr Team
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